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Browse our virtual storefronts and connect with leading shapers. Get expert product information to help you decide on the best surf gear for you. Connect within the surf community. Browse and compare new products, discuss and see reviews with surfers from around Australia. Order custom surfboards from Australia’s leading surfboard shapers at the best prices and secure deals on surf hardware and accessories.
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Find the best surfboards and surf hardware that perform best on the waves you will be surfing. Connect with the experts to match the best surf hardware to the right waves. Match the right fin setup with your new surfboard for extra drive, easy pivot and a secure hold for the best performance in the water. Learn how the leading surfboard shapers on Boardcave.com design each aspect of each board model to suit your ability, weight, wave type and much more. See a range of surf hardware from tail pads to wetsuits, board bags and leg ropes. Get the best products at the best prices on Boardcave.com. Learn how surf hardware can improve your surfing performance. Get information about the foil, rake and flex of your surfboard fins to improve your performance.

Boardcave.com Surf Knowledgebase

Connect with surfboard shapers

Posted by Boardcave.com on 06/06/2012
Boardcave.com is currently working with our Premium Listing surfboard shapers to develop our knowledgebase of expert information. With so many new technologies and advancements in surfboard design and manufacturing the Boardcave.com team is working hard to inform surfers and help you find the best surfboards and surf hardware on the market. Subscribe to Boardcave.com to get information and deal notifications from Australia’s leading surf companies.

Surf Community Updates

Find, customise and buy the perfect surfboard

Posted by Boardcave.com on 06/06/2012
Stay tuned for the official launch of Boardcave.com. Once live surfers will be able to use our Board Engine to find a selection of the most relevant surfboards suited to a surfers individual needs; with the ability to customise and order your perfect board from our listed shapers. Subscribe to Boardcave.com