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Philip, H (NSW) – Nov 4th 2013
Hi Guys, My new Emery Stump Original arrived today in perfect condition. Seriously stoked! Thanks for the assistance – Big thumbs up to Boardcave !!!! Regards, Philip

Andrew, H (SA) – Oct 25th 2013
Hi Guys, I received my Noosa Joker Longboard today. It is in perfect condition. Thanks very much for all your help. Looking forward to surfing this over the next few days even though we’ve got 30kt winds and huge messy seas for the next week. Andrew.

David, P (VIC) – Oct 9th 2013
Hi Boardcave, Got my new SUPER Mastablasta 2 on Monday, thanks heaps. The service was brilliant will happily recommend you guys, David.

Ebony, H (QLD) – Jul 22nd 2013
Hi Guys, Boards arrived safe and sound on Friday 12/7! Perfect timing. Jeremy loved his board and I loved mine. Such quality work. The artwork looks fabulous and the boards are of an extremely high quality. Please give a big thank you to Steve Del Rosso for his wonderful work and thank you for being so efficient to liaise with about getting them ordered and shipped in time for Jeremy’s birthday. Will definitely recommend the Boardcave to friends and family. Thank you once again! Ebony

Chris, B (SA) – Jun 30th 2013
Hi Guys, Just a quick email to let you know that the board arrived safely and it looks awesome! Thanks again for the great service! Chris

Chris, B (SA) – Jun 28th 2013
Gday, Cheers for following it up mate! I buy a lot of stuff online and I can say that no-one has the customer service that you offer. Good work! I’ve been eagerly waiting for the DHD Sweet Spot to arrive this week. Hope you have a great weekend too! Thanks again, Chris

Josquin, C (NSW) – Jun 10th 2013
Just tried my DMS Crumpet 5’10″ this afternoon. little waves in Maroubra, easy going. Board has really good paddle, easily catches waves. Stability is here too. Very light feeling under the feet. V responsive. Can’t wait to try it in bigger waves! I definitely recommend.

Michael, H (QLD) – May 22nd 2013
Just got my new D-fish shaped by Steve at Clearwater Surfboards. Board looks great, now I just need some waves. Cant wait to ride it. Cheers, Michael

Bernie, C (VIC) – May 6th 2013
I want to say a big thanks to you guys at Boardcave for your help recently. When I was working interstate for a few weeks I bought a second hand DHD board and wanted to get some background info on its design & performance features; after searching the web I came across Boardcave and did an online enquiry and minutes later these guys were online responding to my query. The Boardcave guys just kept at it until they got the info I was after….really great effort guys and thank you again for all your help.

Patrick (NSW) – Apr 30th 2013
Dear boardcave, My board arrived in perfect condition and exactly when you said it would, thank you . It was a real pleasure dealing with you. Everything you said you would do you did and promptly. Ordering a custom surfboard over the phone was a new experience for me but it was a personal one because of the care you took over everything. Thanks again. Sincerely Patrick

Sarah, K (WA) – Apr 10th 2013
Thanks for the great service boardcave I had no idea what board to get next and now I have several recommendations. You have made buying boards nice and easy and it’s great to see you supporting our local shapers. Legends, Sarah.

Jamie, M (QLD) – Apr 2nd 2013
James in customer service recommended the Shapers quad template by Dick Van Straalen for my Switch Blade. I have no idea why I was surfing my old fins, tested the stealth DVS over the Easter weekend and will never ride plastic fins again. My board feels quicker and more lively than ever. Thanks James for the tip. Sincerely, Jamie.

Shaun, B (NSW) – March 26th 2013
Perfect timing for my DHD delivery. I got my Boardcave box delivered to my work yesterday and I felt like a kid at Christmas. I think you guys will have a few more customers because the guys didn’t stop asking me how I ordered my board. Thanks again for your help and for frothing out an old dog. Cheers, Shaun

Michael, K (VIC) – Jan 20th 2013
Thanks guys for helping me order my new stick. Your updates and customer service guys kept me in the loop and responded quickly. I will spread the word, awesome service to order customs from shapers around Aus, cheers M.K

Lewis, G (NSW) – Jan 11th 2013
Had a great experience with Boardcave.com. Really great advice on board selection. Great communication from making the order, updates on how the board is coming along, all the way through to shipping. My custom board took 9 days from ordering to having it in my hands, definitely the quickest board I’ve ever had shaped. Stoked with the board and how it rides. All round good experience!

Damian, F (NSW) – Dec 8th 2012
Just surfed my 5’6” today and I can’t wipe the smile from my face. The recommendation of extra volume was a winner, I was surfing in slop and still having the best time. Thanks for the tip, Damo.

Sam, W (NSW) – Nov 29th 2012
Thanks for the quick delivery of my shapers fins guys. Frothing to test them in some good surf, I will let you know how I go. Cheers, Sam.

Shawn, R (VIC) – Nov 20th 2012
Hi Boardcave, just thought I would let you know that your website is by far the most advanced and easy to use site I have come across. I have already selected my next board from the board engine. You have made finding boards a blast. Thanks, Shawn.

Simon, A (NSW) – Oct 19th 2012
Hi Guys, I haven’t shut up about my board. I thought I would let you know it goes great and I will spread the word. We don’t have access to many surfboard brands in Kiama so it’s great to be able to order from shapers around Aus. Cheers, Simon.

Mike, S (NSW) – Oct 13th 2012
Hey, just wanted to say thanks for the excellent customer service. I spoke with James in customer service who spent over 30 minutes providing me with all the information I needed. I now understand the importance of surfboard volume. I will spread the word about Boardcave.com and your excellent service. Thanks, Mike.

Jason, M (WA) – Oct 2nd 2012
I would like to thank you boardcave for your help in ordering my new DMS Fat Cat. I have never been more stoked to unwrap something in my life. Cheers, Jason.

Luke, B (QLD) – Oct 10th 2012
Hi Guys, I have already received my creatures leash and tail pad I have just got my DMS carbon wrap, yew. Cheers for your help in getting my board ready in time for Bali. Thanks for frothing out a desk jockey. Sincerely, Luke.