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McTavish Surfboards

Manufactured in AU
Bob Mctavish
Nome: Bob Mctavish
Anos de Shape: 1972
Established in 1962 by surfing legend Bob Mctavish, one of the pioneers in shaping surfboards and utilizing new materials to craft high performance shapes. Today McTavish Surfboards offer a wide range of surfboard options to suit most surfers. The famous M logo has been around for years and is well known around the world, with over twenty surfboard models on offer in over thirty different countries.With an array of surfboards manufactured from different materials, their collection has something to offer everyone. Five McTavish surfboard models are manufactured using Surftech technology, with the innovative durable material, Tuflite. With Surftech being one of the leaders in epoxy surfboard construction, the Mctavish models seen below have become a popular option for many surfers for their lightweight and durable construction.For affordable prices, check out the best places to buy McTavish Surfboards and stay tuned to the Boardcave.com sales calendar to find out about any McTavish surfboard sales.
2017-05-10 12:07:40
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