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Mona Vale Surfboard Shapers

Mona Vale has many world class surfboard shapers shipping their surfboards all over the world. Compare their surfboards and learn more about all our Mona Vale surfboard shapers to get the best surfboard technology, shape and price on Boardcave.com. Connect with our range of Mona Vale surfboard shapers by viewing our Premium Listing shapers, to help you decide on your next surfboard.

    • Pranchas Haydenshapes
    • Hayden Cox
    • Mona Vale
    • 20
    • Craig Anderson, Marti Paradisis, Beau Foster, Creed McTaggart, Warren Smith
    Haydenshapes produces some of the more innovative surfboards, designed and shaped by Hayden Cox. FiberFlex technology is used in the shaping of the surfboards, invented by Hayden.
    • Pranchas Matt Penn Designs
    • Matt Penn
    • Mona Vale
    • 24
    • Greg Webber
    • Tim Taplin, Jack Perry
    Matt Penn has been shaping for over two decades, working with many of the leading shapers from the Northern Beaches in Sydney to provide premium quality surfboards for all types of surfers.
    • Chilli Surfboards
    • Jamie Cheal
    • Warriewood
    • 22
    • Laura Enever, Mitch Coleborn, Chris Friend
    Jamie Cheal is head shaper at Chilli Surfboards the leaders in high performance surfboards for a range of surfers around the world.
    • Webber Surfboards
    • Greg Webber
    • Mona Vale
    • Rod Dahlberg
    Greg Webber designs and shapes Webber Surfboards. Greg introduced SLX epoxy to the shaping industry, receiving an amazingly positive response, worldwide.

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