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Firewire Surfboards

Name: Nev Hyman
Shaping Company: Firewire Surfboards
Location: 1/49 Currumbin Creek Rd, Currumbin, QLD
Contact: info@firewiresurfboards.com
Web: www.firewiresurfboards.com
Firewire surfboards was founded by Nev Hyman who has played an important role in the development of surfboard technology. With over thirty years experience Nev has developed Firewire surfboards into a well known and trusted brand for surfers around the world.

Nev was one of the pioneers in the development of computer shaping, which is now used among the top shapers around the world. Today Nev and Dan Mann at Firewire Surfboards utilise a computer aided shaping program they call the AKU shaper to define and develop their high performance shapes. Firewire ambassador’s Taj Burrow and long boarder Taylor Jensen collaborate with Nev and the Firewire team on board development, further defining their durable and lightweight collection of surfboards. Firewire have a huge range of surfboards to suit all surfers and wave types.

For further information on the Firewire Surfboard technology see their range of surfboards on Boardcave.com or visit the Firewire Surfboards website.


Firewire High Performance Surfboard Models

  • Name:
  • Name: Taj Burrows Pro Model
  • Name: Gromflex Model
  • Name: Formula 1 - Lost Model
  • Name: Formula 1 - Lost Model
  • Name: Alternator - Technology: Future Shapes Technology or the Alternator RapidFire model
  • Name: Flexfire - Technology: Future Shapes Technology, Direct Drive or RapidFire model

Firewire Performance Hybrid Surfboards

  • Name: Hellfire
  • Name: Futura - The Futura Series merges the innate performance of new-school fish design with the acceleration of FUTURE SHAPES TECHNOLOGY
  • Name: lost sub-scorcher
  • Name: lost Stealth
  • Name: Spitfire

Firewire Hybrid Surfboards

  • Name: Hellfire
  • Name: El Fuego offers multiple choices for those looking for the ultimate small wave fun and performance.
  • Name: ADDvance - Taj's father Vance Burrow and Nev worked together on the ADDvance combining easy paddle flotation with RapidFire technology.

Firewire Pure Stoke Surfboards

  • Name: Sweet Potato - Designed by Dan Mann for great fun and performance in small waves.
  • Name: QUADFISH - This Fishtail may have a retro look but with the quad fin setup it allows the board to maintain performance and drive, holding the power and speed with the Fishtail.
  • Name: FISHTAIL - This board is a true hybrid combining elements from the past and future, producing the ultimate fun, fast, performance board.
  • Name: Kingfish - Is designed as an original retro twin keel design, but using modern technology with the light weight and flex characteristics of FUTURE SHAPES TECHNOLOGY.

Firewire Longboards

  • Name: Crossfire - The ultimate durable, lightweight longboard with great flex characteristics.
  • Name: TJPro - The Taylor Jensen Pro Model, designed by Taylor Jensen, one of the top high performance long boarders in the world.

Firewire Surfboard Videos